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Low Impact Landscape Equipment Webinar

The facts about Zero Emission landscape equipment

Industry professionals joined Join LINLA, AZGA, NALP and Quiet Communities, as they addressed the Zero Emission trend that has been taking root across the country and spreading across Long Island. 

Many industry professionals close their eyes to the possibility of transitioning to zero emission equipment. Or they don’t know where to start. It is time to get our head out of the sand, get a seat at the table, and prepare for the inevitable. Partnering with NALP and AGZA will help get us there.

What started as a grassroots initiative to ban gas powered blowers has grown into a full fledged movement to go fully electric, complete with local restrictions already in place and statewide bills in the works. It is time for us as an industry to not only take this seriously, but to prepare for the inevitable. 

This webinar introduce and address questions about:

  • The Economics of Electric

  • Reaching Return on Investment

  • Battery Electric Basics

  • Infrastructure and Charging

  • Finding True Professional Grade Equipment

  • Importance of Training and Certification

  • How being involved in the conversation can fundamental change the narrative

  • What are the next steps

Watch the Full Webinar Below

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