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56th Professional of the Year Celebration

LINLA honored the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center (LIHREC) as their Men and Women of the Year!


In 2022 LINLA expanded the celebration! Not just by honoring the Men & Women of LIHREC but by reaching out beyond the Horticultural community to our friends in Agriculture and Arboriculture. 


In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of LIHREC, LINLA honored the Men & Women; scientists, educators and professionals, whose careers have shaped and guided generations of horticultural professionals on Long Island. The wider industry turned out to celebrate the individuals, who through their work at LIHREC, hugely impact our industry by providing the tools and knowledge we need to succeed. 

LIHREC presentation.JPG
By showing their appreciation and supporting this event the industry donated $6000 to LIHREC to invest in much needed upgrades to the facility.
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