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2022 Professionals of the Year Gala


In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of LIHREC, LINLA honored the Men & Women - scientists, educators and professionals whose’s careers have shaped and guided generations of horticultural professionals on Long Island. We celebrated the individuals, who through their work at LIHREC, impact our industry by providing us with the tools and knowledge to succeed. 

Those Who Attended, helped the Lab make much need upgrades to the facility as a portion of the proceeds were donated to the research greenhouse restoration fund. 


2022 marks the 100th anniversary of “the Lab”, LIHREC and this celebration was a wonderful way that the collective industries can recognize and thank these professionals,

Including the 10 Program Directors:

  • Dr. Mark Bridgen Director of LIHREC & Professor of Horticulture & Plant Breeding

  • Marge Daughtrey Senior Extension Associate (Ornamental Plant Pathology)

  • Dr. Margaret McGrath Associate Professor (Vegetable Pathology)

  • Dr. Nora Catlin Ag Program Leader and Floriculture/Greenhouse Specialist

  • Mina Vescera Nursery and Landscape Specialist

  • Dr. Andy Senesac Weed scientist

  • Alice Wise Grape viticulturist

  • Dan Gilrein Entomologist

  • Dr. Faruque Zaman Entomologist

  • Sandra Menasha Vegetable specialist

Event Gallery

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