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Since its creation in 1931, the Long Island Nursery & Landscape Association has worked hard to promote the interests of its members and the professionalism and growth of our industry
through advocacy, education, and scholarship. Join us and help shape the future!

The 2023 Membership Season is Open

LINLA Separates from the NYSNLA Federation

Friday, October 7, 2022

NOTICE to Current & Past LINLA Member Companies

Sometimes the path to the future - requires looking to the past


After much consideration, the current LINLA Board of Directors, on recommendation of the Executive Board, voted unanimously to;

Withdraw from the NYSNLA Federation and step back to our roots as a fully independent professional association. This independence will allow LINLA to better focus on the challenges seen on the horizon, while still adhering to our mission to promote and support: education, professionalism, scholarship and advance the common interest of its members. 


For the last few decades LINLA has operated as a federated region of NYSNLA (New York Nursery and Landscape Assoc.). As such, member companies were required to join NYSNLA and select LINLA - Region 1 as their local association. 

This will no longer be the case.


Our industry and the challenges we face have changed considerably since the establishment of the federated model. Compared to most other regions of the state, Long Island is unique in many ways; geographically, economically, demographically, climatically, etc.  These differences impact our members and the association in ways that influence our futures. 

The current LINLA leadership is keenly aware of their responsibility to prepare for that future and just like the leadership of the past, we take that responsibility seriously. 

It is with this in mind that the LINLA Board of Directors took this step to dissolve the federated relationship with NYSNLA. 


What does this Change Mean for You?

  • Your current Dual Membership will Expire December 31, 2022.

  • For 2023, you register for Membership of LINLA separately (and if you choose, NYSNLA separately).

  • LINLA will Expand our Educational Offerings to address not just the issues of the day, but also those on the horizon.

  • Together, we will develop and execute Long-term Strategies for the Big Issues like; labor, changing climate impacts, public perception and advocacy. 

  • CNLPs will continue to renew and maintain their certification with NYSNLA.


What will NOT Change:

  • LINLA staff will continue providing efficient Communication and responses.

  • You can connect with peers and suppliers through Professional Networking Events

  • LINLA will be your Voice for the Industry

  • LINLA funded Research and Innovation Grants provide value to the industry

  • Scholarships funded by LINLA provide opportunities for workforce and leadership development

  • LINLA will continue to offer CNLP Credit worthy classes.


We realize this may seem sudden, but the board has debated, discussed and planned for this for quite some time. More information about this change will be distributed shortly. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the LINLA office at or 516.249.0545


Looking forward to a prosperous future.



John Cannarelli

Current LINLA President



Stephen Mazelis, First Vice President

Dwight Andrews, Lifetime CNLP, Treasurer / Secretary

Jay Ratto, CNLP, Immediate Past President

John Gaylardo, Senior CNLP

Anthony Pignataro 

Neal Goldberg

Gary Vogel, CNLP

Michael Madarash

Jay Jansen

Evan Goldstein, Lifetime CNLP 

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