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LINLA Day of Service Project 
2022 / 2023

Renovation of Broadleaved Evergreen Collections at
Planting Fields: 

Service Project

Renovation of Broadleaved Evergreen Collections at Planting Fields: 

Phase I of this project took place in February of 2022 and entailed; 12 professionals removing invasives and clearing land in three large shrub borders to make room for new broad-leaved evergreen species.  These plants include: Rhododendrons, Camellias, Holly, Illicium, and groundcovers as well. A commitment from several local rhododendron hybridizers as well as purchasing of plants from local nurseries was the main source of the plant material used in the renovation. 


Phase II, was completed the winter of 2023 and included the removal of invasives, clearing vegetation, and adding top soil in 3 separate areas of the gardens. These areas included; one additional shrub border bed in the north border (approximately 40 x 60'),  the Synoptic Garden, and several beds in the North Rhododendron Park located near Coe Hall and the main parking lots. 


All three of these highly visible areas will be planted in spring 2023 with over 260 new hybrid Rhododendrons and other specialized plant collections for display and use of educational purposes. 


Vinnie Simeone, Mike Ahern and the staff of Planting Fields would like to thank the companies and staff of:


  • Jay Ratto Landscaping, LTD.

  • Bay Gardens / Nassau Suffolk Landscaping

  • Dodds & Eder

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