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Innovation Grants for 2022

Through a combination of successful events and the astute management of our Grant and Scholarship Funds (by our friends and supporters at Main Street Financial), LINLA awarded $9650 to four (4) worthy applicant organizations. These projects were selected by the Grant and Scholarship committee for their value to the industry. 

Supporting the Summer Internships

Awarded $2500

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Investigating Chlorosis in Warm-season Native Grasses

Awarded $2150

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk

Long Island Field Study by Cobleskill Students

Awarded $2500

SUNY Cobleskill

Workshops for Industry Professionals

Awarded $2500

Landcraft Garden Foundation

The Bayard Cutting Arboretum Internship Program has has long history. Many of the current staff started off as interns and many interns go on to work in the industry or continue their education locally. Interns gain hands on experience and field trips emphasize the many different career options in horticulture, giving interns the opportunity to network with people within the professional community.

In recent years, growers have been distressed by chlorosis developing in many warm-season ornamental grass species they produce. The purpose of this project is to conduct a controlled experiment during the 2022 growing season that would test timing and rates of chelated iron to both avoid the development of chlorosis and correct chlorosis in symptomatic grasses.

*This is the third time LINLA has funded this Field Study.

This field study exposes students to the business of and careers in the greenhouse, nursery, landscape, public garden, farm to bottle, organic farm, and floriculture industries on Long Island. While also creating new bonds amongst peers, opportunities to connect with potential employers.

The newly created Landcraft Garden Foundation is creating innovative educational offerings for professionals and serious garden enthusiasts. The goal is to enhance knowledge, engagement, and investment in horticulture by sponsoring workshops aimed at diverse user groups, including landscapers, gardeners, stone masons, horticulturalists, and students.

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